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Offredo victim of senseless violence

Offredo victim of senseless violence

Yoann Offredo was victim of senseless violence during a training ride on Monday afternoon. The French rider, who lives in the Paris region, was doing a ride with two companions when a motorist and his passenger aggressed him. A complaint was filed. Offredo is at the moment unfit to ride, but he will normally resume competition in Four Days of Dunkirk (9-14/05).

Yoann Offredo:

«I was training with two colleagues in the Chevreuse valley when a car raged very close past us. Suddenly the driver braked with the intention of letting us crash. I wanted to talk to the driver, but she was ready to get out of the car with a cutter blade. In a reflex I blocked the door of the car. Then the passenger got out of the car and picked up a wooden tool handle from the suitcase. With that he hit me and afterwards he headbutted me.

The police then intervened. A dossier was opened and a complaint filed. I suffer from pain on the nose, on a rib and suffer from several bruises. I still have to go to the hospital to let determine the suffered damage.

I am particularly shocked. I have been in cycling for 15 years and I have never experienced such a thing. Verbal aggression often occurs, but most of them stop there. »