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Luxembourg (4) - Pasqualon : "I dreamt of the podium"

Luxembourg (4) - Pasqualon : "I dreamt of the podium"

The fourth and last stage of the Tour de Luxembourg (2.HC, 5-9/06) shaked the hierarchy without really shaking it. After an animated start of the race, a group of eight men finally escaped. Last survivor of this breakaway, Delio Fernandez, was only caught during the last hectometers. The race exploded on the final circuit with the Pabeierbierg, which had to be climbed four times. Andrea Pasqualon, accompanying yellow jersey Herrada, was fourth at the finish of the stage. The Italian man, title defender, climbed two positions in the general classification to finish on the podium, as 3rd.

Andrea Pasqualon :

« This last stage was difficult to handle. This morning, I was still dreaming about the podium. I knew that it was possible with a six second time gap on the third. Finally it came down to one second, it was really tight! The team surrounded me perfectly all day, even all week, Kevin Van Melsen in particular. I was well positioned and protected, which permitted me to follow the attacks during the final laps. »

« Unfortunately, Herrada stood head and shoulders above the rest. He was, as a pure climber, stronger on the last climb. I believe that I was at least as strong as last year, if not a little bit better. But the 2019 parcours was more difficult and suited climbers better. So it would have been difficult to finish better than third behind Herrada and Lammertink. »

« I am happy about my form. My condition is growing progressively and I will attain a full 100% within the next weeks, with the Tour de France in mind. I am satisfied with my preparation, which I will extend with a new ten day altitude training camp. But first, I want to shine in Gippingen, this Thursday. I appreciate the parcours of the Aargau GP and the finish suits me perfectly. I want to unlock my counter, finally win a race in order to start the summer in full confidence! »

Stage 4 :
1. Jesus Herrada
2. Jonathan Hivert + 0:02
3. Pit Leyder 
4. Andrea Pasqualon 
39. Aimé De Gendt + 1:31
44. Jérôme Baugnies + 2:19
63. Loïc Vliegen + 3:18
68. Frederik Backaert + 3:56
69. Yoann Offredo + 4:01
77. Kevin Van Melsen + 5:27

Final general classification:
1. Jesus Herrada 
2. Maurits Lammertink + 0:25
3. Andrea Pasqualon + 0:36
28. Aimé De Gendt + 2:54
37. Loïc Vliegen + 5:13
42. Jérôme Baugnies + 6:16
55. Frederik Backaert + 8:44
71. Yoann Offredo + 18:20
74. Kevin Van Melsen + 19:40