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Guangxi (6): Eiking: "An unexpected result"

Guangxi (6): Eiking: "An unexpected result"

The 2019 campaign was closed this Tuesday by the ultimate stage in the Tour of Guangxi (2.WT, 17-22/10) in rainy weather. The sixth and final stage of the Chinese event offered 168 kilometers around Guilin. The course was marked by two difficulties at the approach of the last race hour. A five man breakaway, with Kévin Van Melsen, escaped from the bunch early on. The peloton only caught the escapees in the final 5 kilometer, before the victory was decided in a bunch sprint. A crash was unavoidable in the last corner due to the wet and slippery roads. Dupont, hindered, lost his chances to contest the sprint. Martin, 16th, crossed the finish line first. Eiking, 17th, climbs to 6th place in the final general classification.
Odd Eiking : 
« It was a fast day, and i stayed well positioned in the final hoping to gain a position in the general classification. Knowing that between 5th and 8th place we all had the same time gap, the sum of the results would be decisive. With the rain, I had to stay in the front and avoid the crashes. I managed to do this and climbed to 6th in the general classification, which is my best result in a World Tour stage race so far. I'm very happy to end on a high note, because honestly, I didn't expect to achieve such a good result. » 
Kevin Van Melsen :
« I succeeded the assignment of joining the breakaway today, after unsuccessful attempts earlier this week. I felt good, even with the fatigue growing after twelve race days and transfers in thirteen days. I managed my effort badly, and spent too much energy halfway through the race, for which I had to pay in the final 5 kilometer. We started to believe after the last climb, however, the large roads were unfavorable for the breakaway. But I'm happy to conclude the year with a good feeling. »

Stage 6:

1. Pascal Ackermann
2. Juan Sebastián Molano
3. Timo Roosen
16. Guillaume Martin
17. Odd Eiking
21. Timothy Dupont
22. Loïc Vliegen
111. Tom Devriendt +1:33
112. Pieter Vanspeybrouck
117. Kévin Van Melsen +2:48
Final general classification:

1. Enric Mas
2. Daniel Felipe Martínez +0:05
3. Diego Rose +0:14
6. Odd Eiking +0:29
18. Guillaume Martin +0:53
30. Loïc Vliegen +2:05
43. Timothy Dupont +5:46
102. Kévin Van Melsen +20:22
103. Tom Devriendt +21:18
118. Pieter Vanspeybrouck +30:05