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Guangxi (3): Martin: "A good feeling"

Guangxi (3): Martin: "A good feeling"

The Tour de Guangxi (2.WT, 17-22/10) gained some altitude for the third stage, ridden on a circuit around Nanning. The capital of the Guangxi region offered an interesting relief, containing the Qingxiushan park. A climb of one kilometer with gradients of more than twelve per cent leading to the Buddhist temple  exhausted the organisms over the five laps. Guillaume Martin, well placed before the last climb, attacked, but was caught after the descent with less than 4 kilometer to go. The French climber won some points for the mountain's jersey, but is in second position in the classification behind the Italian Mosca. This Sunday, the queen stage will bring the peloton from Nanning to the slopes of Nongla in a 161.4 kilometer stage.
Guillaume Martin: 
« I didn't feel great on the penultimate climb. But I didn't worry, because this is often my case. I prefer a repetition of efforts. The team brought me into a perfect position before the final climbs, therefore I want to thank her. Loïc Vliegen accelerated at the bottom and I've taken advantage of my position in the top 5 to attack. I wanted to win some points for the mountain's classification and exhaust the less good positioned riders. »
« Unfortunately, nobody accompanied me. The climb was not long enough and the descent rather dangerous, so I didn't take any risks. Everything came back together and I focused on not losing time ahead of the Sunday stage. The stages are quite special, because we have the impression that they are rather easy, but when there's an acceleration the pace is very high. Everything will be decided on one climb, but taking into account today's feeling, I can achieve a good result tomorrow. Hopefully it will be an exhausting race! »
Stage 3:

1. Pascal Ackermann
2. Alexandr Riabushenko
3. Matteo Trentin
23. Guillaume Martin
25. Odd Eiking
43. Loïc Vliegen
56. TImothy Dupont +1:06
103. Kévin Van Melsen +4:08
116. Tom Devriendt +6:46
117. Pieter Vanspeybrouck

Provisional general classification:

1. Pascal Ackermann
2. Matteo Trentin +0:07
3. Alexandr Riabuschenko +0:16
15. Guillaume Martin +0:22
27. Loïc Vliegen
41. Odd Eiking
55. Timothy Dupont +1:28
97. Kévin Van Melsen +4:30
111. Pieter Vanspeybrouck +7:08
119. Tom Devriendt +9:57