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GPW : Guillaume Martin between the strongest on La Citadelle

GPW : Guillaume Martin between the strongest on La Citadelle

The start of the 59th edition of the Grand Prix de Wallonie (1.1, 12/09) moved to Blegny. That new departure point inspired Jasper De Laat. Our Dutch stagiair joined the early breakaway. The lead of the five brave riders reached a maximum of five minutes. The peloton reacted with the final climbs in sight. At about forty kilometers from the line the adventure of the breakaway was over. A new battle for the victory started. At La Tienne aux Pierres a group of nine riders accelerated, with Guillaume MartinOdd Eiking and other riders joined the leaders, who thus merged to 19 leaders. Stuyven was the fastest of a small leading group in which Guillaume Martin finished fifth.

Guillaume Martin:

"The course was not quite right for me today. Not the legs, but the finish did not really suit me. The finishing line was not steep enough for me. Moreover I was not immediately in Stuyven's wheel when he accelerated. I was behind a gap and could only return on the flat. At that moment only 500 meters remained, so I could not do much more. In the sprint I clearly miss explosiveness. I feel strong physically. Next week I have to defend UCI points at the Giro della Toscana in Italy. I hope to ride strong there and be in the French selection for the World Championships. »

GP de Wallonie :

1. Jasper Stuyven
2. Dimitri Claeys
3. Warren Barguil
5. Guillaume Martin
15. Odd Christian Eiking + 00:23
28. Jérôme Baugnies + 01:37
33. Frederik Backaert
41. Fabien Doubey
71. Kévin Van Melsen + 07:16
DNF Jasper De Laat