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Gooikse Pijl – Dehaes takes first 2017 UCI win

Gooikse Pijl – Dehaes takes first 2017 UCI win

In Gooikse Pijl (24/09, 1.2) Kenny Dehaes was able to win his first 2017 UCI race after a hard fought race. Wesley Kreder did not start because of illness. After some accelerations by Tom Devriendt a group of 12 riders went clear with Robin Stenuit and Kenny Dehaes, still with 120 kilometers to go. 45 kilometers later a chasing group of seven riders, with Mark McNally, joined the front group. At a certain moment the chasing peloton came within 25 seconds of the leading group. But the front group kept riding and could battle for victory. After excellent teamwork of Stenuit and McNally Kenny Dehaes was able to bring home the sprint before Gerben Thijssen and Emiel Vermeulen.

Kenny Dehaes:

"I know the Schets family who organizes the race here well. They said for years that I had to come and race Gooikse Pijl. Last year, I made my debut here but then I hit the ground. This year it went better.

I early forced an early breakaway, which resulted in a front group of 15 riders which later grew to 22 men. Teammate McNally did not feel well with some stomach problems and he set a pace so that few could get away. But in the final one attack followed after another. Especially a breakaway of Aime De Gendt caused panic. Thanks to excellent work by Robin Stenuit we could still come back and he launched me ideally for the sprint. Without Robin, De Gendt would have won and not me.

It's a pleasure to win here and take my son on the podium. There was a lot of people along the side I know. That feels great. I was here already on the presentation a few weeks ago. Then they announced me as the future winner, that prediction has now come true."

Results Gooikse Pijl:

1. Kenny Dehaes
2. Gerben Thijssen
3. Emiel Vermeulen
17. Robin Stenuit + 00:20
19. Mark McNally + 00:34
25. Kévin Van Melsen + 00:42
55. Guillaume Van Keirsbulck
89. Tom Devriendt + 00:58
DNS Wesley Kreder