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Dunkirk (2): Dupont 2nd after relegation Venturini

Dunkirk (2): Dupont 2nd after relegation Venturini

A similar scenario to the first stage in the Dunkirk Four Day / Grand Prix des Hauts de France (2.HC) was shown on day two. Four riders formed an early breakaway which attained the last 10 kilometers. The four didn't collect enough points for the mountain prize to threaten Tom Devriendt's leader position, which means he will start for a second day in a row in the white polkadot jersey. The team of leader Dylan Groenewegen controlled the race under a bright sun and supported by a strong and fresh breeze in the back.

Yoann Offredo was involved in a crash before entering the three final local laps and was transferred to hospital. He has no fractures, but several bruises and wounds at his right body half. Stitches were necessary at his right elbow. The French man needs to stay one week off the bike.

After 177 kilometers the stage was concluded in a bunch sprint in Saint-Quentin. Clément Venturini was first at the finish line after being in body contact twice with Timothy Dupont and an other rider. The UCI commissaires concluded to relegate the French man and to assign the stage victory to Dylan Groenewegen. Dupont, who finished behind Venturini and Groenewegen, becomes 2nd and moves to 4th position in the provisional general classification. Tomorrow he will wear the green points jersey.

Timothy Dupont:

« I felt again good today. The sprint was less hectic than yesterday, because of the slight slope in the last hectometers. Clément Venturini moved his hand from the handlebars to push me aside and make room for him to sneak through. If this is enough to relegate him? I don't know. The jury is becoming stricter, which can only be positive for our safety in the future.»

« Groenewegen seems unapproachable, but I will do my best to threaten him.»

Results stage 1:

1. Dylan Groenewegen

2. Timothy Dupont

3. Roy Jans

9. Pieter Vanspeybrouck

24. Frederik Backaert

45. Aimé De Gendt

72. Wesley Kreder +0:12

93. Tom Devriendt +0:32

Provisional general classification:

1. Dylan Groenewegen

2. Marc Sarreau +0:11

3. Lasse Norman Hansen +0:12

4. Timothy Dupont +0:14

17. Pieter Vanspeybrouck +0:20

34. Frederik Backaert

52. Aimé De Gendt

65. Wesley Kreder +0:32

91. Tom Devriendt +0:50