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Doubs: Martin, 3rd, continues his series of podium places

Doubs: Martin, 3rd, continues his series of podium places

The 33rd edition of the Tour du Doubs (1.1, 15/09) was ridden in ideal weather circumstances. A six rider group built an advantage of more than 5 minutes, but was caught with 50 kilometer to go. A new breakaway of seven, with Fabien Doubey and Stefan Küng, escaped. When last named left all of his breakaway companions behind, Thomas Degand and Guillaume Martin set the pace on the Larmont, the last climb of the day. Finally, the victory was decided in the 4 kilometer descent towards the finishline in Pontarlier. Stefan Küng won, 9 seconds ahead of Franck Bonnamour and Guillaume Martin.

Guillaume Martin:

" Even if third is a good result, I'm a little disappointed. I continue my series of places of honour, but I'm longing for a victory. Thomas Degand set a good pace at the foot of the last climb, to initiate my effort. I'm strong enough to make a difference, but not to drop everyone. Finally, I lack some punch or explosivity to win. I want to get the best out of this last month, hoping to bring home a victory! "

Tour du Doubs:
1. Stefan Küng
2. Franck Bonnamour +0:09
3. Guillaume Martin
32. Thomas Degand +1:35
53. Fabien Doubey +5:43
DNF Théo Delacroix
DNF Marco Minnaard