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Austria - Eiking closer and closer to stage victory, Backaert confirms good shape

Austria - Eiking closer and closer to stage victory, Backaert confirms good shape

Odd Eiking was on a sigh of a podium finish in the second stage of Tour of Austria (2.1, 07-14/07). A break of seven riders was in the lead over the Arlberg. Wanty-Groupe Gobert stayed in the peloton and was sparing his strength for the treacherous hilly final. Tom Devriendt, Kevin Van Melsen and Mark McNally were appointed to assist the team in the first part of the stage.

McNally faced mechanical problems at 25 kilometers from the finish. On the sloping final kilometer in Fulpmes/Telfes, a reduced group fought for victory, with Frederik Backaert, Odd Eiking, Fabien Doubey and Pieter Vanspeybrouck in the first group just. Doubey sacrificed himself for his teammates, Odd Eiking finished on a sigh of a podium spot with a 4th place. Backaert finished a nice 6th three seconds later.

Odd Eiking:

"I felt good again. With a group of sixty riders we battled for stage victory. I was in a good position but was blocked when I wanted to move up. It happened once, and then I had to stop pedalling a few more times till I was out of contention for the stage victory. I tried to get through, but that happened just too late. I had to close a big gap on the first three riders in the final 200 meters. Without the trouble, the stage victory certainly was possible! "

Results Stage 2 

1. Giovanni Visconti
2. Michel Kreder
3. Huub Duyn
4. Odd Eiking
6. Frederik Backaert + 00:03
49. Fabien Doubey + 00:30
58. Pieter Vanspeybrouck + 00:53
73. Kevin Van Melsen + 02:34
97. Tom Devriendt + 07:02
120. Mark McNally + 13:35


1. Giovanni Visconti
2. Huub Duijn + 00:08
3. Matej Mohoric + 00:09
7. Odd Eiking + 00:16
8. Frederik Backaert + 00:19